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Aquarius ~ All Natural Essential Oil Meditation Mist

Aquarius ~ All Natural Essential Oil Meditation Mist

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Benefits: Helps balance negative traits (Aquarius, are you being detached, non-committal, or scattered?) Different is good, but just in case...
Spray your sheets, anoint your skin, cover the yoga mat and reap the benefits of essential oils. All the oils found in this spray help to increase intuition, promote happiness and joy and create a balance between our physical and subtle body. 

Ingredients: Essential Oils. Distilled Water. Witch Hazel.

Essential Oils:  rose, eucalyptus, peppermint, jasmine, and lemon
All Mists are Made with 100% All Natural / Organic Ingredients

Other Uses: Meditation, Body, Yoga Mats, Beds, Sofas

Returns:  Organic Body Mists, Essential Oils & Body Oils are non-refundable. 

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