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In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat
In Your Jammies Online Retreat

In Your Jammies Online Retreat

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In Your Jammies

Review, Reflect, Renew  

Online Retreat

End 2020 on a high note. 
Land on your feet while in your slippers.

Gather your business besties, find your friends, and come together from the comfort of your own home and look back so you can move forward. We're going to take a hard look at the last twelve months!

Enjoy a deep dive into the last 12 months,  listen in on the energies and opportunities that will present themselves to you in the forthcoming coming year and come out with a high-level plan for what's next for you. 

And the coolest part...???

You can do you from the comfort of your home with your jammies on!

  • You'll look 2020 right in the eye and see what the actual influences were in your life
  • We'll talk about the Mercury Retrograde and how to move and shake AFTER the retrograde is over
  • Review the previous12 months
  • Reflect on how you did through a powerful comparison process
  • Renew your enthusiasm toward life and business
  • You'll hear what 2021 is really about and how you can move through it with grace and ease
  • Actively set intentions for the year based on the astro-energetics at play
  • AND, you'll be comfy and cozy at your own home from your personal laptop because being home and relaxed is the best way to do your processing.
  • PLUS... you look great in your jammies.



  • Block off Saturday, January 2, from 11-4 EST
  • You'll receive a printable play-sheet/journal and a schedule of the calls ahead of time
  • You will dial into a private video room where...
  • You'll be guided by Quantum Coach Tam Veilleux to review the previous 90 days before
  • Being directed to do some deep thinking and journaling, on your own, in your jammies with your dog, cat, ferret, or emu at your side.
  • You'll do some reflection, some guided emotional freedom technique tapping, and some planning.


  • A schedule for the day
  • A PDF workbook to work through
  • Time and space to process emotions
  • A guided EFT session with coach Tam Veilleux 
  • Direct guidance for the next 90 days
  • Three guided work sessions
  • Timely astrological information
  • A sense of community and the ability to ask questions
  • Additional exercises to do after the retreat is over to keep the energy flowing
  • A replay sent to your email inbox in case you can't make our scheduled time together.



"Yesterday's In Your Jammies Retreat was wonderful. I was so tired when it was all over. Thanks for creating space to do that work."   -A Nourse, Strategy Coach




Your host

Tam Veilleux

Tam Veilleux is a quantum lifestyle coach, creative, and owner of Big Sky Publishing. Her passion is for helping people who are struggling with stagnation to connect the dots and evolve to their greatest version of themselves. Her goal is to make transformation fast, fun, and easy through her illustrated products and services. Her company Big Sky Publishing is home to The Energy Almanac, which is a holistic resource guide that offers an astrological look at the year ahead.

"So grateful to you for helping me break through the YUCK and play all out in all arenas. THANK YOU."  - Tracey P. 



This a super-safe space for you to hang out. As an experienced coach, we'll process as needed.

As an astrology student and reporter, I can guide you through the energies that are forthcoming.

As a human being hung up on spiritual development and transformation, I'll build a safe container for you to do your big work.

Are you ready to ring in the Age of Aquarius?

Scroll back up and come on in. Show 2020 you meant business. Be an action taker.

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