The Energy Almanac for 2020 is now available!

Mala, 2020 Energy
Mala, 2020 Energy
Mala, 2020 Energy
Mala, 2020 Energy

Mala, 2020 Energy

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Harness the energies of 2020

What is a mala and how do you use it?

Meditation Malas go back thousands of years and have appeared in many different cultures & religions.  They are used as an accessory and tool for harnessing intentions by repeating prayers or mantras. This 2020 Almanac Mala is inspired by Tibetan Buddhist beads which have 108 beads plus one central “guru” bead.  Each of the numbers within 108 contains a meaning.  

1 signifies the oneness or unity of everything  

0 signifies the space in between  

8 represents the infinite 

Using the colors for 2020 (gold, grey & blue) as the foundation, proper stones were pulled in Labradorite, Jade Topaz, and Apatite.  The frequency was upgraded by adding gold foil to the Jade Topaz beads. All of the stones create a really beautiful galactic aesthetic. We also created a custom sterling silver charm to commemorate the year and pull in the energy of silver. Silver is connected to lunar energy, while gold is connected to the sun. It is so fitting to pull in both energies into this piece.

Labradorite: Accesses all chakras & harnesses the wind element.  A catalyst for Magic. Awakens the awareness of one's powers. An inter-dimensional stone that pierces the veil between our reality and the domains of inner awareness.  Great for adventure & the voyage of self-discovery.

Apatite:  Accesses the 3rd eye.  Harnesses the wind element. Psychic activation & access to awareness. Cleansing influence, allowing one to release energetic blocks. Enhances lucid dreaming & astral travel. Heightens vertical vision and inspiration.  Great for healing the body.

Jade Topaz:  Accesses Heart chakra.  Harnesses Fire element. Encourages joy, optimism & enthusiasm.  Allows one to tap into wisdom & personal power. Enhances confidence, courage & abundance.  It also releases emotions and ego. 

Amazonite guru bead:  Accesses Heart chakra.  Harnesses Water element.  Very calming; quiets the mind.  Encourages balance & harmony. Empowering, self-discovery & awareness, confidence, resolve. Great for cleansing EMF from electronics.

Gold -- Harnesses solar energy. Enhances creativity, confidence & vitality. magnifies the power of most gemstones, Supports openness & physical energies.

Silver -- Harnesses lunar energy. Explores realms of mystery, depths of the unconscious, & hidden life force. Harmonizes with most gemstones.

**These are made to order so please be patient as we prepare your mala.

**The 2020 Energy Mala comes in a beautiful gossamer bag with papers that identify how to use this beautiful and energetic piece.